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How to Achieve the Perfect Smokey Eye: Step-by-Step Makeup Tutorial


A smokey eye is a classic makeup look that adds glamour and depth to any eye shape or color. It is a versatile style that can be dialed up or down depending on the occasion. Whether you’re new to makeup or a seasoned beauty enthusiast, this step-by-step tutorial will guide you through achieving the perfect smokey eye.

Step 1: Prep Your Eyes

Before diving into the eyeshadow, it’s crucial to prepare your eyes properly. Start by moisturizing the delicate eye area with an eye cream to ensure a smooth canvas. Next, apply a primer to both eyelids to help the eyeshadow stay in place and prevent creasing throughout the day or night.

Step 2: Choose Your Eyeshadow Colors

The key to a smokey eye is using a combination of light, medium, and dark eyeshadow shades. Opt for colors that complement your eye color and skin tone. For a classic look, you can’t go wrong with neutrals such as browns, grays, or blacks. However, feel free to experiment with different shades to personalize the look.

Step 3: Apply the Base Shade

Start by applying the lightest shade, also known as the base shade, all over your eyelid. Use a flat eyeshadow brush to achieve an even and smooth application. This shade will serve as a backdrop for the darker colors and help blend everything together seamlessly.

Step 4: Define the Crease

To create depth and dimension, use a medium shade to define your crease. With a blending brush, apply the color into the natural crease of your eye and gently blend it back and forth. This step is crucial for achieving that iconic smokey effect. Remember to start with a lighter touch and gradually build up the intensity as desired.

Step 5: Add the Darker Shade

To intensify the smokey eye, apply the darkest shade to the outer corner of your eyelid. Use a smaller brush or a pointed eyeshadow brush for more precise application. Blend the color into the crease, working it towards the outer corner of the eye. This will create a gradient effect with the lightest shade in the center and the darkest shade at the outer edges.

Step 6: Blend, Blend, Blend

One of the secrets to a flawless smokey eye is blending. Take a clean blending brush and softly blend all the eyeshadow colors together. This will ensure a seamless transition between the shades and eliminate any harsh lines. Use small, circular motions for a professional finish.

Step 7: Highlight the Brow Bone and Inner Corner

To brighten and open up your eyes, apply a shimmery or matte highlight shade to your brow bone and the inner corner of your eyes. This step will bring light to the center of your face, making your eyes appear larger and more awake.

Step 8: Line and Define

Complete your smokey eye with eyeliner and mascara. Using a black or dark brown eyeliner pencil, line your upper lash line, staying as close to the lash roots as possible. You can also line your lower lash line for a more dramatic look. Finish with multiple coats of mascara to lengthen and volumize your lashes.


How do I choose the right eyeshadow colors?

When choosing eyeshadow colors, consider your eye color and skin tone. Earth tones, such as browns and taupes, tend to suit most people. However, do not hesitate to experiment with bolder shades that complement your features and outfit.

What brushes do I need for a smokey eye?

Essential brushes for creating a smokey eye include a flat eyeshadow brush for the base shade, a blending brush for seamlessly blending the colors, and a smaller brush or a pointed eyeshadow brush for precise application of the darker shade.

How can I prevent eyeshadow from smudging?

To prevent eyeshadow from smudging, make sure to apply an eyeshadow primer before your eyeshadow. Additionally, consider using an eyeshadow setting spray or gently patting a translucent powder over your eyelids to set the makeup.

What is the best eyeliner for a smokey eye?

A black or dark brown eyeliner pencil is ideal for a classic smokey eye look. Opt for a waterproof formula to ensure it stays in place throughout the day or night. Alternatively, you can also use a black eyeshadow with a small angled brush for a more intense and smudged effect.

Can I wear a smokey eye during the day?

Absolutely! While smokey eyes are often associated with evenings and special events, you can adapt the intensity and color palette to create a more subtle daytime look. Stick to softer shades and opt for lighter application, blending the colors well to achieve a softer effect.